Aïam Maïa

Aïam Maïa is a French brand that offers a natural & minimal cosmetic routine with formidable efficiency: organic make-up remover, tightening serum, plumping day cream or exfoliating mask. Their conviction is to combine naturalness, sensoriality and efficiency thanks to scientific innovation. What do all Aïam Maïa cosmetics have in common? A formula enriched in pink, the brand's key asset. A natural ingredient with a thousand virtues used for millennia. Aïam Maïa uses it in each composition in the form of a hydrosol, an essential oil or an extract of rose petals. But surprise, all cosmetics do not smell the sweet scent of rose. Indeed, the latter combines with other natural active ingredients such as Ginseng root, aloe vera, caffeine or even cedar bud.
Wanting to have a low environmental impact and a biological approach, all Aïam Maïa products are labeled Cosmebio and are designed, formulated, produced and stored in France in the Lyon region. Ecological to the end, the packaging has been reduced to a minimum and the cases are made of recyclable FSC cardboard.

Aïam Maïa
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