Ayanature offers you a special selection of VEGAN products among the brands: ZAO, LAVERABOHO GREEN REVOLUTION, AVRIL, CRAZY RUMORS, LILY LOLO, SOAPWALLA, LAPIGLOVE, KONJAC SPONGE COMPANY, LOGONA, SOS PURETE. Vegan Products do not contain any products of animal origin (carmine/cochineal, honey, beeswax, pollen, donkey milk, cow’s and mare’s milk are excluded from the composition). Like all organic and natural cosmetics, vegan products are not tested on animals, either ingredients or finished products. A wide range of vegan products on Ayanature: Shampoo & Hair Care Vegan, Synthetic Hair Brushes & Makeup Accessories, Makeup certified crueltyfree! These products are in accordance with vegan lifestyle, for all people concerned about combining respect for animals with natural beauty!

Did you know that? Ayanature is committed to the protection of animals by donating 50 cents on each order to the French Foundation "30 Million d'Amis" that has been taking actions for animals over 40 years ago!

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