Bamboo Hair Brush - Avril

Bamboo Hair Brush - Avril

The Avril Bamboo Hair Brush gently cares hair by detangling and styling easily. Gentle pimples massage the scalp to activate blood circulation and properly nourish the hair fiber for strong, soft and shiny hair. Made of natural rubber and bamboo, ecological and resistant material, it will become your hair ally for many years.

Adopt the Avril Bamboo Hair Brush for beautiful hair every day!

Size: 20 cm x 5.5 x 3.5cm (thickness)

“ Soft hair ”
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By . the 02/28/2020

Au top démêle super bien. Un peu petite mais elle fait le job

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How to brush your hair well?

  • For long hair: start at the bottom of the hair and go back little by little to avoid the creation of knots.
  • For a large mass of hair: share your hair in zones before completely brushing your hair.
  • Do you feel resistance? Do not shoot, the secret is sweetness! Take the time to untangle the knot gently using a comb.

As soon as you have no more knots, you can brush your scalp.

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By . the 06/02/2020

Produit conforme et livraison rapide !

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