Silicone Tooth Care Brush - Avril

Silicone Tooth Care Brush - Avril

The Avril Silicone Tooth Care Brush is the perfect accessory for daily application of your face care products such as creams, masks and scrubs. Its beveled tip allows you to go through every corner of the face for a consistent application. Hygienic, this silicone brush allows you to avoid contact of the product with your fingers. Easy to clean, it is cleaned with water and natural soap.

Brush size: 16 cm

Brush Avril

“ Hygienic application of your organic care! ”
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How to use this Avril Silicone Tooth Care Brush?

  1. Take or remove some organic care like a face mask with a brush
  2. Apply the product from the center of the face to the outside by smoothing the material

To clean it, just a little water and organic soap. Thanks to its very fast drying, it is perfect for everyday use.