Precision Tint & Powder Brush - Avril

Precision Tint & Powder Brush - Avril

Avril Precision Tint & Powder Brush is the essential accessory for a targeted application of your makeup products: concealer, illuminator or highlighter, blush (liquid or powder), natural bronzer ...
 its slightly beveled shape is ideal for passing through every corner of the face. In synthetic hair, this high-quality professional brush offers a soft touch that does not irritate the skin.

Specially designed for specific areas, the Avril Precision Tint & Powder Brushgreatly facilitates the installation of make-up!

Brush size: 17 cm

“ For a targeted application! ”
9,00 €

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How to use the Precision Tint & Powder Brush Avril?

  • For makeup in liquid version: spread your blush, concealer or illuminator on the back of your hand. Impregnate the brush by tapping. Apply on the part of the face concerned.
  • For the complexion powders: Using the brush, take a little powder and apply on the area concerned.
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