Large Nail Files X8 - Avril

Large Nail Files - Avril

The Avril Large Nail Files are essential for a perfect manicure. For a finish worthy of a professional, they consist of 2 complementary faces:

  • Emeryed first face: it allows to draw the shape of the desired nail: round, square or oval.
  • Second face finer but emerised: it serves to magnify the work. She takes care of the finishes for an impeccable result.

This set of 8 nail files takes care of the nails by eliminating rough parts and promoting their growth. This file is suitable for natural and artificial nails.

“ 2 faces ”
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How to properly nail his nails for a pro manicure?

To give it its shape, begin by filing the sides of the nail, always in the same direction, starting from the edge to the center. Then file the end of the nail.
We advise you to file without making sudden movements back and forth. Indeed, it may indeed damage the keratin of the nail and weaken it or split it. We always file from the outside to the inside and we pass the file always in the same direction.