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Recourbe-cils Avril

Have a hair brush on your lashes with AVRIL Eyelash Curler ! In seconds, it lifts and shapes the lashes for an eye-opening effect. Gentle and easy to use thanks to ergonomic rings, Avril Eye Lash Curler is a must-have tool to prepare your lashes before applying mascara. It comes with an accompanying refill pad, to replace 3 months after use for a optimal eyelash curling.

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By . the 03/29/2020

Plus petit que ce que j'imaginais mais fonctionne parfaitement. Livré avec une recharge (la petite bande en coussinet)

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You have two ways of using Avril Eyelash Curler, and you always want to do it before applying mascara to avoid eyelash breakage.

Technique 1 : Carefully position the curler and silicon pad with the lashes between. Gently apply pressure to the lashes and hold in place for 3-5 seconds and repeat process starting from the base and working toward the ends of lashes.

Technique 2 : Carefully position curler and silicon pad with the lashes between. Gently apply pressure to the lashes and hold in place for 20 seconds straight.

Regularly clean the rubber pad with a clean, dry tissue, and replace it with the accompanying refill pad once the initial is worn down, about every 3 months. Once you’ve used the accompanying refill pad, make sure to replace the curler with a new one. This is important to ensure maximum precision and to avoid any damage to the eyes or lashes.

To have access to the refill pad, spin it from the handle of the curler.

Made in China

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By . the 01/26/2016

Qualité moyenne (en même temps pour 2 euros on ne peut pas demander plus!). Il fait quand même son job. Dommage en effet qu'il n'y ait pas de recharge, car côté écologie (déchets), c'est une recourbe cil à usage unique....

By . the 01/26/2016

Mon 1er recourbes cils ! , il est trés bien , dommage qu'il n'existe pas de recharge à coussinet sur le site .

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