Layering Kit - Lapiglove

Layering Kit - Lapiglove

The Lapiglove Layering Kit offers you all the necessary care accessories for a perfect layering ritual:

  • A large Lapiglove glove: it effectively removes accumulated impurities and traces of makeup, even waterproof. It integrates with the method of layering by replacing your cleaning oil or to perfect the make-up removal.
  • A mask: made of microfiber, it is used in two ways. Wet and hot, it helps to dilate the pores of the skin before performing a scrub or application of your care. Wet and cold, it tightens pores for smooth skin.
  • A microfiber headband: ideal for clearing your face, it prevents your oily care or lotions from greasing your hair.
  • A square towel: thanks to its microfiber composition of infinite softness, it gently soothes and dries the delicate and delicate skin of your face.

Thanks to this Lapiglove Layering Kit, your skin is purified and your complexion naturally radiant!

  • Made in France
“ Ritual of layering! ”
29,90 €

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Tips to use the Layering Lapiglove Kit:

  • Place your Lapigove headband to clear your face.
  • Use your Lapiglove glove to remove makeup or to remove excess oil or soap from your face.
  • Dry your face with your towel by gently tapping. The optimal absorption of your face towel is obtained after 2 or 3 machine washes to open the tight fibers when weaving the microfiber.

Regarding the Lapiglove layering mask:

  • Before a facial treatment (scrubbing, exfoliating, moisturizing), wet your mask generously, place it in a clean container and heat it for a few seconds in the microwave. Apply the mask a few minutes on your face for a moment of pure relaxation. Your pores are open, ready to receive a scrub scrub mechanical or grain but also a care bio.
  • Before makeup, or to give a "whiplash effect" to your face, wet your mask generously and place it a few hours in the fridge. Apply it to your face for a few minutes to tighten your pores and reduce fatigue marks. Good-looking effect assured!

Lapiglove products can be machine washed at 60 ° without any risk. (never use softener or chlorinated product).