Lantana Essential Oil - Mira

Lantana Essential Oil - Mira

With soothing and soothing properties, Mira Lantana Essential Oil makes it easy to sleep and soothe tension. Its spicy smell invites you to travel on the edge of the Indian Ocean. It is also perfect for relaxing muscles and providing a real feeling of rest. Thanks to its sedative properties, it quickly calms joint pain.

From the highlands of Madagascar where it is taken in the greatest respect for nature, the Mira Lantana Essential Oil provides relaxation & a calm as well physical as mental.

5 ml

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“ Calming & soothing! ”
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What are the ways to use lantana essential oil?

  • In atmospheric diffusion: add a few drops to your diffuser in order to purify your interior and offer a feeling of calm.

  • In massage: apply a few drops previously mixed with a vegetable oil on the painful areas of the body and joint tensions.