Pure Saro Essential Oil - Mira

Pure Saro Essential Oil - Mira

The Mira Pure Saro Essential Oil will be a great help to fight against the evils of winter! Antiseptic and antiviral, it supports the immune defenses and helps the cure of viral infections: cold, cough, stuffy nose ... In case of fatigue and drop in shape, it brings energy and tone.

From the North West of Madagascar where it is made from the leaves of the plant, the Mira Pure Saro Essential Oil is a must have in its natural pharmacy kit!

5 ml

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  • Vegan
“ Indispensable in winter! ”
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How to use the essential oil of Saro?

  • Inhalation: a few drops in a large bowl of hot water to clear the airways. You can also put a few drops on a tissue you breathe.
  • In diffusion: to purify the whole of a room, in case of blow of slack or to prevent the winter evils.
  • In massage mixed with a vegetable oil: massage the areas suitable to be infected.
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