Organic "Travel" Palette Gypsy - Boho

Modular and rechargeable, the  Boho Organic "Travel" Palette Gypsy is composed of 8 warm and iridescent shades that invite us to bohemian travel. This collection of eyeshadow allows you to modulate coverage and opt for daytime and evening makeup. You can achieve a natural finish or a more sophisticated rendering like a smoky eyes. Thanks to its magnetic system and these transportable floors, you can modulate it according to your make-up desires!

The silky and velvety texture of these eye shadows offers easy application. Enriched with jojoba oil and castor oil, they protect and moisturize the delicate skin of the eyelids.

The  Boho Organic "Travel" Palette Gypsy is one of the essentials for a natural make-up of the eyes! Take it everywhere with you, in your makeup bag!

PEFC Certified Wooden Case - Rechargeable & Magnetized - 2 Floors to Modulate - Contains 8 BOHO Shades x 1.8 g

14.4 g

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  • vegansimple
  • cosmosorganic
  • onepercent

Palette Bo Ho Green Make-up

“ Warm and iridescent hues! ”
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Natural makeup with iridescent shades

  1.  Put the lightest makeup, such as Adventure or Savannah on the entire eyelid (mobile and upper) with emphasis on the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow to get a nice arched arch.
  2. Place a darker shadow like the Amazon or Tierra del Fuego on the outer corner of the eye and gradually degrade inwards.
  3. Work the "banana", that is to say the hollow of the eye, making small back and forth with the faded brush and a little dark makeup.

Tip: For an intense and pigmented result, slightly moisten your brush (after removing the material).