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Acorelle Organic Absolu Tiaré Fragrance is a captivating, fresh and sensual cocktail that invites us to travel to the islands. This sunny fragrance combines exotic notes of frangipani and coconut flowers, subtly enhanced by a vanilla note. Composed of essential oils of tangerine, orange and ylang-ylang, it relaxes, soothes and facilitates letting go.

Acorelle Organic Absolu Tiaré Fragrance is a real scent for our olfactory pleasure!

The roll on version of this fragrance is available.

50 ml

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  • ecocert
  • cosmebio
  • Made in France
“ Balancing scent! ”
29,90 €5,98 € / cl

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A 100% organic perfume with frangipani!

At any time of the day, spray the Acorelle Organic Absolu Tiaré Fragrance on the heartbeat points (wrist, hollow of the arm, neck). To get the most out of the power of essential oils, spray this fragrance inside the hands, join them and wear them in the face to breathe the smell.

Do not use for any other purpose than the one indicated. Do not spray on eyes or irritated skin. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Do not expose yourself to the sun after application. Flammable product: use and store away from sources of ignition.

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