: The vegan logo issued by the Vegan Awareness Foundation certifies Vegan friendly products i.e. no animal testing and no animal-derived ingredient.


: The brand assures that its products have not been tested on animals.

1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet : The 1% for the Planet is an international collective of companies, associations and individuals working together for a healthy planet.

Agriculture Biologique

Agriculture Biologique : The organic label means that the farmer who produced the product has followed the organic farming method. This label guarantees that the product is composed of at least 95% ingredients from organic production methods, using agronomic and breeding practices that respect the natural balance and the environment.

Australian Government

Australian Government : Australian government


BDIH : German organization BDIH certifies natural and organic cosmetics. No synthetic colorants, silicones and petrochemical substances. Ingredients and finished products not tested on animals.


CCPB : CCPB is an Italian control certifies that 95% minimum of total ingredients are from organic farming. 10% minimum of total ingredients are organic and 100% of the total ingredients are natural.

Cold saponification

Cold saponification : Cold saponification: soaps handcrafted method of cold saponification. This method allows to observe the properties of the raw materials used and give a better soap. With the cold saponification soaps are softer, moisturizers.

Cosmétique Eco

Cosmétique Eco : Blue label Cosmétique Eco certifies that 95% minimum of ingredients are natural, of which 50% minimum of natural ingredients are organic and 5% minimum of total ingredients are organic.

Cosmos Organic

Cosmos Organic : This new Cosmos label is European, it has been developed by 5 organizations: Ecocert / BDIH / Cosmebio / Soil Association / ICEA The objective of this new label is to harmonize the specifications of organic cosmetics and thus offer the same guarantees to all European consumers. This new label is a little more demanding than the Ecocert label, it imposes two new criteria: Creams and non-foaming products must contain more than 20% organic ingredients Non-biodegradable ingredients are no longer accepted.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free : Cruelty Free label certifies that products are not tested on animals.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Cruelty-Free & Vegan : The Cruelty-Free & Vegan label guarantees that the product is free from any animal derived ingredient, and that ingredients and finished products are NEVER tested on animals. Not sold in a country that would require animal testing.


Ecocert : French Organization Ecocert garranties at least 95% of natural ingredients. The 5% left remains very restrictive with only 5 authorized chemicals. Ingredients and finished products not tested on animals.

Expertise Vegan Europe

Expertise Vegan Europe : Expertise Végane Europe, under the acronym EVE VEGAN, is a control and labelling body for vegan products. EVE intervenes in the field to guarantee compliance with the criteria and issues certificates of conformity for raw materials, products and services in the fields of food, cosmetics.


ICEA : ICEA = Institute of Certification for Ethics and the Environment. The product meets the requirements of the "Environment Friendly Cosmetics" specifications set up by ICEA. This is a natural label that recommends the use of ingredients from organic farming (at least one organic raw material).

Made in France

Made in France : Product made in France


NaTrue : NaTrue is an international independant label which certifies products only contains organic and natural substances, or natural origin ingredients, and they are not tested on animals.

Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics : Limitation of the petrochemical origin (list of authorized ingredients with the maximum dose), which amounts to a minimum of approximately 95% of ingredients of natural origin.

One Voice

One Voice : One Voice certifies products that are natural and/or organic, not tested on animals. They are vegan which means free from any animal-derived ingredient (except organic honey, pollen and beeswax).


Organic : Green label "Cosmétique Bio" certifies that 95% minimum of total ingredients are natural, of which 95% minimum of natural ingredients are organic and 10% minimum of total ingredients are organic.

Organic Food Chain

Organic Food Chain : OFC

Refillable item

Refillable item : Eco-friendly and money savy refillable item - Buy standard packaging then refill it for everlasting use !

Slow Cosmetics

Slow Cosmetics : Slow Cosmetics mention assures consumers that the brand promotes a mode of consumption more ecological, more reasonable and more natural.


Vegan : Products certified by the Vegan Association, no animal-derived ingredients.


Vegan : Products with no animal-derived ingredients.


VEGANOK : VEGANOK is an Italian editorial and ethical organisation. It is the best known ethical standard for vegan-certified products worldwide.