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Acorelle Organic Oriental Wax For Face and Touch-ups is the solution for a convenient and quick hair removal, very mild that is suitable for delicate and sensitive skins. This wax contains only mild ingredients, organic certified by Ecocert, to get this hair removing product that combines natural smoothness, efficient and skin-friendly. Acorelle Organic Oriental Wax For Face and Touch-ups' precise applicator allows to apply thin, regular and homogeneous wax layers for an optimal hair removal. The eventual residues of wax can be easily rinsed with warm water for a perfect result.

Its effective formula containing Organic Cane Sugar, Lemon and Ylang Flower Essential Oil removes hairs and hair bulbs for approximately 3 weeks. Free of allergens, animal based ingredients, parabens, colorants nor artificial conservatives.

Box content : 1 precise applicator tube 0.5 FL OZ (15 ml) + 1 wooden precise spatula + 12 washable and reusable paper strips + 1 instruction leaflet

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Hot wax Acorelle

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Heating :

If necessary, to get a thick honey texture, put the tube (closed) cap down, in a glass of warm water, 2 to 3 minutes. Repeat during hair removal if needed. Always test the wax temperature before every use. 

Hair removing :

Spread the wax on clean and dry skin using the precise applicator. Cover the wax with a paper strip and firmly smooth it in the same direction of hair growth. Use one hand to pull skin taut and the other to swiftly pull of the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Repeat the operation if necessary with the same strip until it does not stick. 

Rinse wax residues and paper strips (reusable 3 times minimum).

Formulated for small zones hair removal : eyebrows, upper lip, small zones of the face, touch ups, navel... Ideal for delicate skins, heat sensitive.

Long-lasting results (3 to 4 weeks), soft hair regrowth.


Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Lemon, Organic Ylang Flower Essential Oil.