Mimikaki - Stainless Steel Ear Cleaner - Gaiia

Mimikaki - Stainless Steel Ear Cure - Gaiia

Strong and durable, "The Mimikaki" Gaiia is a stainless steel ear cleaner
for an eco-friendly bathroom. "Mimi" meaning ears in Japanese, the name "mimikaki" means a traditional ear cleaning ritual in Japan. It allows the replacement of cotton buds plastic and thus reduces waste. With 2 ends, each has a small spatula that harvests earwax. Easy to use and convenient to take on your travels!

Economical, the Gaiia Mimikaki ear cleaner is a reusable accessory for life!

12cm x 4mm

7 g

“ Reusable for life! ”
7,00 €1,00 € / g

Reduced shipping prices ! From 2.90 € for France
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Naturally clean ears thanks to the Mimikaki ear cleaner!

Precautions for use: do not push too far the ears cleaner in the auditory canal to avoid any risk of injury. Do it in a quiet place where you will not disturb. You just need to remove the earwax visible at the entrance of the ear thanks to small spatulas.

Be sure to clean your zero waste accessory with soapy water between uses before allowing it to air dry.

Also suitable for cleaning the ears of children, to handle only by an adult.