Menstrual Cup - Lamazuna

The Menstrual Cup LAMAZUNA is a feminine protection that collects menstrual flow without absorbing it. Composed of 100% medical silicone platinum, it is reusable and replaces pads and tampons to ensure up to 12 hours protection ! Ultra discreet and soft, Lamazuna Menstrual Cup naturally fits your body shape to prevent any leaks. The Period Cup is hypoallergenic, it preserves the intimate balance of vaginal flora. No more itching or irritation to tampons and pads !

Made in France - ISO 13485: 2003 Certification

  • Cup available in 2 sizes : Size 1 for light flow / Size 2 for heavy flow and women who have given birth vaginally
  • Organic cotton pouch available in 2 colors : Pink / Yellow
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  • madeinfrance
  • crueltyfreeandvegan
  • slow

Intimate hygiene Lamazuna

“ The comfortable cup which is soon forgotten ”
26,30 € 15,78 €
  • Taille 1
  • Taille 2

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LAMAZUNA Eco-friendly Menstrual Cup is so convenient and easy to use !

1) Before each use, sterilize your Cup in boiling water for 10 minutes to avoid any infection and bacteria.

2) Bend your cup and insert it into the vagina. It is not necessary to introduce it as far as a tampon. To ensure it is well positioned, place your finger inside to check its opening and sealing.

3) Empty your cup every 12 hours by catching the tip or contract your muscles to make it slide naturally. After each change, rinse with cold water or wipe with paper if you do not have a choice.

4) When your periods end, sterilize your Cup and store in its organic cotton pouch.