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Enhance your eyes with the Purobio Natural Double Dream Mascara with 3 actions: curling, lengthening and lifting! Its extra-dark shade brings depth to your eyes. You can modulate the intensity to achieve the desired effect: doe eyes or even more smoky eyes. Easy to apply, its silicone brush perfectly fits all eyelashes, even the smallest ones, for an ultra-precise result with no package effect. Its natural formula rich in organic beeswax fortifies and sheaths the eyelashes.

Naturally curved eyelashes is the result obtained with the Purobio Natural Double Dream Mascara!

10 ml

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“ Eyelashes intensely curved! ”
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Eyelashes elongated, curved and naturally voluminous!

With this Double Dream Mascara, you can modulate the intensity according to your make-up desires:

  • An application for a meticulous, precise and elegant result.
  • One second to bring more intensity to the eyes.
  • A third application for dense eyelashes, sensually bent.

To apply it, place the brush at the base of the eyelashes and make a slight zig-zag movement by pulling upwards.

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