Glass Nail File - Zao

Glass Nail File - Zao

The Zao Glass Nail File allows you to gently and precisely file your nails while preventing their splitting. Thanks to its shape and its glass composition, it is perfectly suited to fragile nails. It offers you a perfect result, worthy of a pro. Your natural nails become smoother and more resistant.

Adopt the Zao Glass Nail File for a perfect manicure.

“ Suitable for fragile nails! ”
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How to file your nails properly?

First, clean your hands and under your nails with organic soap and then dry them. This step eliminates all traces of impurities.
Hold your glass nail file at right angles then start filing, starting from one edge of the nail to the center.
In order not to damage your nails, it is important to file only in one direction, without going back and forth.
After use, rinse the file under clean water.