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Acorelle Organic Anti Hair Growth Serum visibly diminishes hair growth on face and body. Vegan 99% natural intensive cure target 4 actions :

  • Slower hair regrowth 93%*
  • Less hairs 87%*
  • Softer skin 77%*
  • Thinner hairs 73%*

Scientifically proven natural innovation, Acorelle Anti Growth Serum is very effective thanks to 3 inhibitor plant actives : antioxydant Black Truffle Extract, smoothing Yellow Nutsedge Oil and astringent Candleberry Extract. Used on a daily basis during 1 to 2 months, 2 to 3 times a year, this hair growth inhibitor treatment gives you long lasting soft skin and less hair removal chores : your dream come true !

* Rates among 30 women who tried this serum for 28 days

Glass flask with pipette 1.7 FL OZ (50 ml)

50 ml

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  • ecocert
  • cosmebio
  • Made in France
  • Vegan
“ Intensive treatment for long lasting smooth skin ! ”
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Anti hair growth cure organic certified with scientific evidence !

Testing on human skin explants :

  • Identification of 3 biomarkers involved in hair growth and inhibition monitoring :
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor FGF-7 has been reduced (-98%)
  • 5α-reductase conversion into DHT Dihydrotestosterone has been inhibited (-70%)
  • Insuline-like Growth Factor IGF-1 stops sending cell growth signal (-87%)

Testing on 30 women for 28 days :

  • 93% women noted slower regrowth
  • 87% women noted less hairs
  • 77% women noted softer skin
  • 73% women noted thinner hairs

How to prevent hair growth using Acorelle Anti Hair Regrowth Serum

After hair removal and days following, apply daily Acorelle's Natural Hair Inhibitor on targeted face and body zones : bikini line, armpits, legs, arms, eyebrows, upper lip (moustache), chin... For improved effect, also use Acorelle's Anti Hair Growth Face Skincare, Botion Lotion and Deodorant.

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