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Made in France, the Lamazuna Oak Handle Safety Razor is the zero waste accessory to effectively shave the shortest hairs. It replaces wonderfully disposable razors in your bathroom. Treated with linseed oil, its oak handle offers optimum resistance to water. Easy to use, it has been designed to ensure a safe shave.

The Lamazuna Oak Handle Safety Razor is perfect for a simple, enjoyable and fast shave!

SOLD WITHOUT BLADE - Discover stainless steel blades, compatible with this shaver.

Handle: 10.2 cm (including 8.3 cm in wood)
Head + comb: 1 cm x 4 cm x 2.4 cm

48 g

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  • Made in France
“ Shave zero waste! ”
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By . the 12/29/2019

Très pratique et vraiment très beau. Mon compagnon en est très content.

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How to use the safety razor for a perfect shave?

  1. Clean the skin with warm water before shaving.
  2. Wet your solid shaving bread to deposit on the skin or apply an organic shaving cream.
  3. First, shave in the direction of the hair. You can then shave from left to right then backwards.
  4. Clean with cold water to close the pores and avoid irritation.
  5. Apply a moisturizing or soothing cream to nourish your skin.
  6. After each shave, remove the blade and rinse it.
  7. Let it dry on a cloth and store it carefully until next use.

It is advisable to shave early in the day because the skin is more fragile at night. In addition, removing the blade after each shave can increase its life. Indeed, leaving the blade in the razor with water may rust.

For the blade change, simply unscrew the head of the handle and remove the label (before first use). Then detach the comb from the head to slide your blade into it. Put the blade on the head, put the comb back and screw everything on the handle. By screwing, the head will tilt slightly the blade to ensure maximum safety during shaving.

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By . the 12/29/2019

Très pratique et vraiment très beau. Mon compagnon en est très content.

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