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Composed of a patented extract of red algae, the SLaboratoires de Biarritz Algamaris Organic Solar Spray offers your skin an effective natural protection against the harmful effects of suns: free radicals, UVA / UVB rays! It comes in 2 protection indices to meet the needs of each complexion:

  • SPF30: suitable for fair skin, sensitive and matte skin in situations of intense exposure.
  • SPF50: suitable for all types of skin, especially fragile and sensitive skin such as children. Can be used from 6 months, this sun protection is perfect for the whole family!

Its fluid and light texture will delight normal to combination skin. Without white marks, it quickly penetrates the skin for maximum protection and envelops it with a sweet natural scent of coconut and shea butter! Its spray form makes it easy to apply sun care in the least accessible areas.

Water and perspiration resistant, the Algamaris Face & Body Organic Sun Spray protects you in all circumstances!

100 ml

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  • ecocert
  • cosmebio
  • madeinfrance

Sunscreen Laboratoires de Biarritz

“ Face & Body Protection! ”
19,90 €199,00 € / l
  • SPF30
  • SPF50

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An organic solar spray to protect yourself naturally from the sun!

Before any exposure or bathing, shake the sun spray and apply on the entire face and body. Renew the application frequently and in sufficient quantity, especially after a sports effort or a swim. It is suitable for all skin types.

It is recommended not to expose to the hottest hours, between 12h and 16h. Prolonged exposure to the sun can present risks: aging of the premature skin, sunburns ...