Organic Fake It Self-Tan Lotion - Mádara

Organic Fake It Self-Tan Lotion - Mádara

Give yourself a nice golden tan with the Mádara Organic Fake It Self-Tan Lotion! Composed of natural self-tanning agents, vegetable oils and hyaluronic acid, it naturally sublimates your skin while moisturizing it intensely. Its sunny fragrance evokes holidays throughout the year. Easy to apply, you are with a naturally tanned complexion in just a few hours, which will last up to 5 days. The tan will disappear gradually, guaranteed without demarcations & without traces!

Mádara Organic Fake It Self-Tan Lotion is suitable for light to medium skins.

150 ml

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  • ecocert
  • Vegan
“ A natural tan in a few hours! ”
27,00 €180,00 € / l

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How to apply self-tanning milk and get a nice natural tan?

  1. Gently exfoliate your body with special attention to the elbows, knees and heels.
  2. Apply the milk evenly in circular motions.
  3. Wash your hands after use.
  4. Wait a few minutes before getting dressed.
  5. If you want to intensify the tan, renew the application after 6 hours.

The product does not contain UV filters. Intense exposure to sunlight is not recommended for 24 hours after application. Do not forget to use a sunscreen when you go out.

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