Bioplastic Oriculi - Lamazuna

Bioplastic Oriculi - Lamazuna

Replace cotton swabs for life! The Lamazuna Bioplastic Oriculi is the new zero-waste & economical accessory for your bathroom. Its slightly curved shape is perfect for gently cleaning the ears. It gently removes earwax while reducing the formation of plugs. Made in France, it is made from a durable material derived from 100% renewable castor oil. Easy to handle, its use is a breeze.

Healthy and durable, try the Lamazuna Bioplastic Oriculi, you will love it!

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  • Made in France
  • crueltyfreeandvegan
  • slow
“ Guaranteed for life! ”
4,50 €

Reduced shipping prices ! From 2.90 € for France
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How to clean your ears with a bioplastic ear pick?

Just take hold of the oriculi and slide its small spoon at the entrance of the ear to remove the visible earwax, no need to go any further.
Once the cleaning of your ear is finished, rinse your zero waste accessory with clear water, or soapy water if necessary, and dry it with your hand towel.

To clean the ears of your toddlers, the oriculi must imperatively be handled calmly and gently by an adult.
Use the comfort sphere to wedge your fingers to create a stop that will prevent the instrument from reaching the eardrum in the event of a sudden movement of the child.

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