Eyebrows Duo Brush - Avril

Eyebrows Duo Brush - Avril

The Avril Eyebrows Duo Brush is the essential accessory for naturally structured and drawn eyebrows.

  • Angled brush: its beveled shape and firm bristles are perfect for a precise application of eyebrow, cream or powder.
  • Side brush: its ergonomic curved brush makes it possible to brush the eyebrows and to remove the excess of matter of the make-up.

This 16.5 cm professional brush is made from ultra-soft and durable synthetic bristles.

“ Drawn eyebrows! ”
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How to use the Avril Eyebrows Duo Brush for well defined eyebrows?

  • With the brush, start by styling your eyebrows from below upwards then in the natural sense of growth.
  • With the beveled brush, take a little eyebrow (powder or cream) and then apply little by little on the eyebrow as if you were pencil strokes.
  • Fill in the small holes or improve the shape of your eyebrows for a perfect finish.