Sponge Beauty Blender - Benecos

Sponge Beauty Blender - Benecos

Without latex, Benecos Sponge Beauty Blender is the essential accessory to apply your foundation and get a unified complexion without boundaries! Thanks to its original shape, it allows to apply all types of foundation (powder, cream, liquid ...) in 2 ways:

  • Its rounded side offers a uniform application on the entire face.
  • Its pointed side allows to work more specifically the recesses and small areas of the face as the ridge of the nose and the eye contour.

Benecos Sponge Beauty Blender is the ally of your foundation for a luminous skin!

  • Vegan
“ Foundation application! ”
6,20 €

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How to use the beauty blender sponge when applying foundation?

To limit the absorbency of the accessory, moisten and press the sponge before first use. Take a little foundation and apply on the whole face playing with the 2 facets of the sponge, specific to 2 uses.
After use, rinse with warm water and allow to air dry.

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