Blending Brush - Zao

Pinceau Estompeur - Zao

The Blending Brush ZAO to the conical shape, can apply your favorite Zao Eyeshadow accurately on your eyelid. Ideal for mixing the shadows, it guarantees flawless shading. In addition, it allows for pretty degraded smokey eyes and smoky eyes.

ZAO Brushes are made from synthetic hair (Nylon). Ultra-soft and very resistant, the Blending Brush Vegan Zao enables fast, efficient and smooth!

The brand is committed to ensuring that no animals are abused, harmed or killed for the production of brushes for makeup.

  • crueltyfree
  • vegan
  • slow

Brush Zao

11,90 €

Reduced shipping prices ! From 2.90 € for France From 6.90 € for Europe and DOM1
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Blending Brush with Zao, smokey eyes no secrets!

After applying your Eye Shadow Vegan Zao on the eyelid, use Blending Brush Zao to soften the material and thus give dimension to your look.

Apply a dark shadow in the hollow outer eyelid to give dimension to the look. Blend again to melt the two colors and have a very natural end result!

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