Vegan Care & Repair Conditioner - Mádara

Vegan Care & Repair Conditioner - Mádara

Rich in Nordic nettle and quince, the Mádara Vegan Care & Repair Conditioner deeply nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber. Specially designed for dry, fragile and damaged hair, it repairs split ends and helps prevent their appearance. This conditioner care also promotes the disentangling of hair and avoids knots.

Mádara Vegan Care & Repair Conditioner offers soft, silky and easy-to-comb hair.

200 ml

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  • Vegan
“ Nourishes in depth! ”
14,50 €72,50 € / l

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How to get naturally nourished and repaired hair?

Apply vegan conditioner to wet, washed hair. Leave on for a few minutes (1 to 3 min) and rinse thoroughly. To strengthen the restorative action of the treatment and obtain better results, clean your scalp with the shampoo care & repair!

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