About us

Welcome to Ayanature, my website dedicated to organic cosmetics ! Proving that ecology and girly can be linked together is my moto on the web, hence I have the pleasure to share my personal experience about organic beauty on my blog, and indeed propose you my favorite products in my online shop so you can enjoy them too ;)

A few things about me : Ariane Phoumilay, AKA Ayane online, leading to the idea of the name "Ayanature".

Graduate of a business school in Paris, I began to get an increasing interest for organic cosmetics during my end of studies training course, which was is an online shopping website. Indeed, I became an fan of these products, and then I had the spark : I absolutely wanted to create my own organic cosmetics e-shop.

Why ? I’ve always loved to play the grocer when I was little, I’ve always dreamed to be an architect, then a fashion designer, then a illustrator for kids books, then an editorial proofreader, and at last a chemist. And I realized that in the end, my project gathered all my childhood and teenage dreams in one ! My commercial temper, web-design, trends broadcasting, picture creation, content writing and products composition study : all these facets are a part of Ayanature.

Least but not last, that is an overflowing passion and a accurate knowledge of organic cosmetics that run this project, because I am convinced that if I know and love the product myself then I can make others love it too. That is the mission of Ayanature and I sincerely hope that you will like it :)