Blades for Safety Shaver - Lamazuna

Blades for Safety Shaver - Lamazuna

True zero-waste accessoriesLamazuna Blades for Safety Shaver offer an effective shave. Designed in stainless steel, they resist corrosion and are easy to maintain. Regarding their life, it varies according to several characteristics: shaving surface, type of hair, number of passages ... On average, a blade is suitable for 4 shaves.

Shaving has never been so easy with this Lamazuna 10-Blade Kit and Safety Razor!


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“ Zero waste! ”
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How to change and add a blade to the safety razor?

  1. Unscrew the head of the handle of the razor in oak.
  2. Detach the comb from the head to slide your blade.
  3. Place the blade on the head, put the comb in the right direction and then screw everything on the handle.
  4. By screwing, the head will tilt slightly the blade to ensure maximum safety during shaving.

The blade is still caught by the non-cutting sides.