Organic Vegan Lipsticks Palette "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" Zao

Palette Rouges à Lèvres Bio Vegan - Zao

For irresistible lips, discover the 5 gorgeous lipsticks of Zao Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Palette! 100% natural composition, organic shea butter and organic castor oil soften and protect your lips. Fallen for this palette with a variety of colours and textures:

  • Pomegranate red 01 (matte)
  • Amber 02 (shimmer)
  • Dragee 03 (shimmer)
  • Pink purple 04 (satin-soft)
  • Purple 05 (satin-soft)

Zao Vegan Lipstick Palette is refillable: you can refill your eyeshadows instead of your lipstick to create a chic or glamorous makeup according to your desires!

Includes: Panoramic mirror & lip brush

5 lipsticks x 3 g

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  • ecocert
  • cosmebio
  • vegan
  • refill

Palette Zao

“ The must-have for your lips ! ”
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An irresistible smile with ZAO Vegan Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ZAO Palette!

Zao Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Lipsticks Palette

After your lip balm or directly on your mouth, apply the lipstick of your choice with the brush. First draw the contour and then finish with the lips' hearts.

Rouge Grenade 01 lipstick needs to be heated with the finger because of its dryer matte formula.

Tip: Use 2 or 3 shades to draw the lip contour and create a gradient of colors for a plumping effect and an irresistible mouth!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Palette

Rouge Grenade (01): A warm red that goes with all skin tone tones. This pomegranate red is the ideal shade for elegant daytime make-up.

Ambre (02): The warm, luminous shade of this lipstick is ideal for a healthy glow to the face.

Dragée (03): This very soft shade illuminates lips and softens facial contrasts for a natural look. Perfect to counterbalance more intense eye make-up.

Rose Violine (04): This satin lipstick is a very natural violet pink, a fresh, vitamin-rich shade that enhances lip colour in a soft and subtle way. A must-have!

Pourpre (05): Its beautiful intense, luminous purple red shade beautifies and gives lips a glamorous, pulpy look.