Organic SOS Hydra Regenerating Serum - Mádara

Ideal for dehydrated and stressed skin, Mádara Organic SOS Hydra Regenerating Serum restores the deepest moisturizing layers so the skin regains its natural balance. Its cocktail of moisturizing and antioxidant active ingredients composed of northern peony, flaxseed and hyaluronic acid reduces fine lines, regenerates and soothes the skin. Thanks to its soft texture, it is absorbed quickly by the skin.

Mádara Organic SOS Hydra Regenerating Serum provides lasting hydration and radiance to the skin!

30 ml

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“ Hydrates and regenerates ”
38,95 €1,30 € / ml

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Tips to use the organic regenerating & moisturizing serum :

Apply on your entire face.
For best results and to strengthen the moisturizing action of the serum, then apply the Organic Regenerating Cream Mádara.