Organic Oriental Wax Roll-On Acorelle

Acorelle Organic Oriental Wax Roll-On is the solution for a convenient and quick hair removal, very mild that is 100% mild for delicate and sensitive skinsAcorelle Organic Oriental Wax Roll-On allow to apply thin, regular and homogeneous wax layers for an optimal hair removal. The roll-on applicator makes so easy to have even layers of wax, great for beginners ! The eventual residues of wax can be easily rinsed with warm water for a perfect result.

Acorelle Organic Oriental Wax Roll-On's effective formula containing Organic Cane Sugar, soothing Ylang Essential Oil and natural moisturizing* Glycerin removes hairs and hair bulbs for approximately 3 weeks. Free of allergens, animal based ingredients, parabens, colorants nor artificial conservatives.

* Hydration of upper skin layers

Box content : 1 organic oriental wax roll-on 3.4 FL OZ (100g) + 10 non-woven paper strips that are washable and reusable.

100 g

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“ This Roll-On is so easy to use ! ”
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By . the 03/27/2019

C'était la première fois que j'utilisais la cire orientale et je suis plutôt contente pour une première. Le roller est simple d'utilisation, dommage qu'il déborde, on perd donc un peu de cire. Sinon les bandes sont réutilisables, lavables à la main et à l'eau, c'est top ! Je recommande

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How to remove hair using Acorelle Oriental Wax Roll-On ?

Before hair removal :

Do not apply body lotion the day of hair removal. Actually, this prevents the wax from sticking.

The day before hair removal, use Acorelle Organic Body Scrub to eliminate dead cells, making the hair removal easier and avoiding hair ingrowth underneath the skin.

Remove the stopper from the wax container. Fix the roll on device (without the cap) onto the container.

You have two ways of heating Acorelle Organic Oriental Wax Roll-On :

- Bain-marie heating : put Acorelle Organic Oriental Wax Roll-On in a container of boiling water during 3 minutes if the bottle is full, or 2 minutes if it is half full.

- Micro-wave heating : 15 seconds is the container is full or 10 seconds if it is half full.

Test the temperature of the wax before every use by applying a little amount of it on the inside of your wrist. WARNING : do not overheat the wax : too liquid, it will be less efficient and risk to cause serious burning.


During hair removal :

Spread the wax towards hair growth direction by slowly rolling the applicator on the body area to treat. Cover the wax with a paper strip and firmly smooth it in the same direction of hair growth. Use one hand to pull skin taut and the other to swiftly pull of the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Repeat the operation if necessary with the same strip until it does not stick.

After hair removal :

At the end of each hair removal session, remove the roll-on device to rinse it with warm water. Put the stopper back in the bottle. Do not put water into the wax. Avoir applying agressive products right after the hair removal, in particular those containing alcohol (like some deodorants). Avoid sun exposition and UV tanning for at least 48 hours.

Moisturize daily your skin and scrub frequently to get rid of dead cells. Do not use razor or chemical hair removal products between two hair removal because they reinforce hair bulb and make it bigger.

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By . the 05/23/2020

Top pour les jambes ! Enfin une cire dont la compo est plutôt clean, qui fait le job sans laisser de traces difficiles. Elle part très très vite à l'eau ! Très efficace sur les jambes, sauf pour les poils très courts.

By . the 07/30/2018

Bon produit comme tous les produits de la marque. Le sol petit bémol est que la cire déborde lorsqu'on la pose sur son socle : du coup on en perd beaucoup.

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