Organic Aloe Dew - 76% Aloe Vera - Pur Aloé

Organic Aloe Dew - 76% Aloe Vera - Pur Aloé

A true haze of care Pur Aloé Organic Aloe Dew is a concentrate of aloe vera (76%) and rose floral water for a radiant complexion and revitalized skin. It provides a lasting and optimal hydration that allows the skin to regain its natural balance. With antioxidant properties, it fights cell aging and reduces wrinkles. Very pleasant to use, it refreshes and gently tones the skin.

Pur Aloé Organic Aloe Dew is a good substitute for mineral water sprays.

250 ml

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  • ecocert
  • cosmebio
  • Made in France
  • onepercent
“ Spray without moderation! ”
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A non-rinsing organic aloe vera mist to naturally moisturize the skin!

Spray on your face or organic cotton, Organic Aloe Dew is used as a tonic or floral water to wake your skin in the morning before applying your moisturizing day cream or as a lotion to perfect the skin. removing makeup at night.
Do not rinse.

You can also adopt it as a fresh gesture on the face and body in the summer, traveling or after the sport.

To use as often as you wish.