Contouring Brush - Avril

Contouring Brush - Avril

The Avril Contouring Brush is the perfect accessory to sculpt your face and achieve a perfect and precise contouring. Its synthetic hair, dense and firm, is very resistant and does not irritate the skins thanks to their extreme softness. With a size of 18 cm, this professional brush is ideal to work your complexion in a precise way.

“ Naturally carved face! ”
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How to achieve a natural contouring?

  • After applying your foundation, take a little powder (contouring or blush) with the Avril Contouring Brush. Choose a shade slightly darker than your skin tone to "dig".
  • Apply the material at the base of the cheekbones, on the top of the forehead and on the bottom of the jaws.
  • Use an iridescent illuminator, lighter than your skin tone, then apply it to the shadows and bulging parts of the face such as the forehead, chin, nose and cheekbones.
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