Travel Kit - Lapiglove

The Lapiglove Travel Kit is the essential toilet bag for all your getaways or business trips! It contains all the necessary accessories to clean your skin perfectly:

  • A mini Lapiglove: this glove remover with water is perfect to clean and cleanse your face. It gently removes all traces of impurities and makeup even waterproof. It is suitable for all types of skin, even fragile and sensitive.
  • Soap sheets: placed in a recyclable plastic compact, they clean your Lapiglove glove after each make-up removal. Practical, they take much less space than a classic soap bar.
  • A makeup removal headband: perfect for clearing your face and not having hair when removing makeup with the cleaning glove.
  • A small travel kit: micro-ventilated, this accessory is ideal to let your microfiber glove dry after each use and do not wet your toiletry bag.

Practical, the Lapiglove Travel Kit fits easily into your purse or luggage.

  • Made in France
“ The essentials on the go! ”
19,90 €

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A travel kit with 4 essential for cleansing & removing makeup from your face:

  1. Put your makeup headband around your face.
  2. Moisten the Lapiglove glove with clear water, clean your face by slightly emphasizing the most disguised areas (eyes, lips). Rinse and repeat the operation if necessary.
  3. After each use, clean your cleansing glove with a sheet of soap.
  4. Put your cleaning glove in its small travel kit designed to let it dry.