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Ariane d'Ayanature

Ayanature has come to rock the world of organic and natural cosmetics, “Green is in” !

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Welcome to Ayanature, our French e-shop of organic and natural beauty productsDiscover our selection of face creams, anti-wrinkle skincare, anti acne products, makeup, body lotions as well as hygiene and hair removal products... We have French brands as Avril, Laboratoire Cattier, Pulpe de Vie, Edenens, Lamazuna  and Acorelle, and foreign brands : Weleda, Lily LoloSoapwalla, Schmidt's Deodorant, Crazy Rumors lipbalms, Konjac Sponge Company.

All products are healthy and environment-friendly, they are made with ingredients good for the skin and are not tested on animals. Most of the products are certified cruelty-free and vegan (no animal ingredient), you will find them in the Vegan section. Moreover, Ayanature is committed in animal protection by donating 5 cents of each order to animal charity "30 Millions d'amis".

Need some help for your organic shopping ? Feel free to contact Ariane, our beauty advisor, via the contact form here !